Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting options for those who are building out their first websites. Let's dive into what shared hosting actually is and benifits from shared hosting?.

  1. Allows multiple websites to utilize a single server
  2. Usually comes with a built-in cPanel, makes it easy to manage your site
  3. It is the cheapest hosting option you’re going to have available

If you are new to online website hosting and having basic resource website with expected less traffic or you are creating a website with basic to normal amounts of traffics per month, go with shared hosting.

  1. Cheapest web hosting solution in Nepal
  2. Easily manage contents with cPanel control
  3. Great technical support for your hosting with us

Yes, of course. If you already own a domain name with another registar then you can use the same domain name or transfer the domain to our domainore registar and enjoy shared hosting.

  1. Set your primary nameservers in your domainore account
  2. Free transfer your domain names to us and get full DNS controls
  3. Get 20x faster hosting and fully upgraded technology

Instant account activation. Your shared web hosting account is created within few seconds and we will forward your login credentials to your inbox immediately. Manage you account at shared hosting.

  1. Easy automated client billing management instantly
  2. Quickly manage website hosting work with cPanel control panel
  3. Account creation or upgrade in fraction of seconds

Yes. You can point your existing domains names from another domain registars to domainore nameservers. Improve your business with ultra speed, high performance shared hosting.

  1. Nameserver 1:
  2. Nameserver 1:
  3. Nameserver 1:

domainore offers free website migration services and will keep sure that your entire data is transferred to our servers without any downtimes and with all your data at shared hosting.

  1. Free website transfer consist up to 5 cPanel accounts
  2. Unlimited website transfers by yourself with our free hands on tutorials
  3. You will get unlimited space, bandwidth at cheap web hosting rates

You can host any number of websites with one cPanel account depends on your hosting plan that you select. With unlimited plans you can host the unlimited number of websites for shared hosting.

  1. Get unlimited web hosting space and unlimited bandwidth
  2. No hidden charges, just multiple websites under one low price
  3. One cPanel account, manage unlimited domain names

All of our shared hosting plans come with Softaculous auto installer that allows you to install 430+ applications in one click to help you to create your website easily on shared hosting.

  1. Top rated Content Management Systems like WordPress, phpBB, Joomla
  2. Online Marketplaces like OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento, AbanteCart
  3. Perfect to develop and move live with your programming skills

Security is essential for any website to build the trust of visitors and for better ranking. domainore provides free Let's Encrypt ssl certificates with 256-bit encryption for shared hosting.

  1. Great savings on installations of secure ssl certificate
  2. Issue commercial production ready ssl protection for free
  3. Secure your website from DDoS and several attacks.

We provide scalable hosting features so that you can upgrade or degrade your current web hosting plans anytime time with our another web hosting plans that is suitable for your shared hosting.

  1. Easy switch to another shared hosting, vps hosting or other plans
  2. Add your remaining credits when you switch to another hosting plans
  3. Get promotional offers on move to your new web hosting plans

Reseller Hosting is an ideal web hosting product and the most popular and the cost effective, cheap for those who want to start own web hosting company with our reseller hosting.

  1. Create multiple Control Panel for your customers as per your plans
  2. Create unlimited resources including web space, access bandwidth, RAM
  3. Hosting provider is responsible for all of all the custom plans

Yes, our reseller hosting services are fully white-labled and we won't display DomainNp branding anywhere on the entire hosting service. We allow customization at your own end for reseller hosting.

  1. Your own branding and customizations for your hosting business
  2. Ensure your brand name will appear on the client control panel
  3. Provide your own private nameservers for your customers

No. If you are familiar with cPanel control panel then you are set to start your own web hosting business. Our team will support you through every customizations and branding reseller hosting.

  1. Simple knowledge to set your own brand name, logo & other plans
  2. Basic steps to create features and packages for customers
  3. Free automated client billing management and invoicing system

No. As long as you are partner with us, you don't need to pay anything for use. We have already covered all licence costs. There are no hidden fees issuing your licences for reseller hosting.

  1. Free WHMCS liscense to manage your customers and billing
  2. Free Softaculous apps installer with every cPanel hosting
  3. Free SitePro website builder to setup your website quickly

Yes, you can setup your own private nameservers for your web hosting business. This helps you in branding your company name and its services among all customers in reseller hosting.

  1. Get custom private nameservers with 100% own branding
  2. Example nameserver 1:
  3. Example nameserver 2:

You can host unlimited domains and cPanel accounts as long as you like to go with the endless SSD Storage, limitless bandwidth, unlimited cPanel and free WHMCS for reseller hosting.

  1. Unlimited cPanel accounts for your customers
  2. Unlimite domains and sub-domains for your clients
  3. Free whmcs to mannage customer products and billings

You, as you are the reseller, you are responsible for providing support to your clients. domainore will provide you with 24/7 well managed support via email, live chat, and over call reseller hosting.

  1. Access unlimited articles and tutorials to support your customers
  2. Easily forward your customers problem to resolve with us
  3. Get priority support for you and your customers in business

Yes, we offer free ssl certificates to our reseller partner without any additional cost. You can also offer unlimited free ssl certificates to your customers via reseller hosting.

  1. Unlimited Let's Encrypt ssl with 256bit encrypted protection
  2. Issue unlimited Let's Encrypt ssl for your hosting clients
  3. Keep your clients website secured with free ssl certificate

Yes, you can change your reseller package at any time. If you choose the wrong plan and want to switch to another plan, please open a ticket to our support team and upgrade reseller hosting.

  1. Scalable reseller plans for all customers at no extra cost
  2. Unlimited resources and services to host your customers
  3. Direct support from reseller specialist on switching plans

No, there is no extra hidden charges or terms on reseller partner program. Some of commercial addon can be chargeable and it is optional by you during reseller hosting.

  1. WHMCS upgrade will cost one time fee of NPR.1200
  2. Never change WHMCS installation directory, Nor run any update actions
  3. Re-issuing a WHMCS license will cost you one time fee of NPR.2000/

VPS is a virtual private server, created by partitioning a single server into multiple servers such that each virtual server can run its own operating system, can be independently rebooted on VPS hosting.

  1. Built from ground using SSD storage, DDR4-RAM, & core processors
  2. VPS hosting service with complete root access and server reboot
  3. Giving you the fastest connectivity will reach above expectation level

With shared hosting you have restriction on the amount of CPU and memory available, installing custom applications. So stop sharing your web server resources and take full control with VPS hosting.

  1. Take full control into your own hands with the most powerful cloud
  2. Supercharge your websites with limitless resource scalability
  3. Simple & cheap VPS hosting for the shared web hosting price

Since you have full root access, you can install any software that is compatible on your VPS package. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy will not be allowed on VPS hosting.

  1. Easy install youe business software without any limits
  2. Full root access to manage your applications and resources
  3. Configure, reboot or stop your server any time you like

No. It's unmanaged server so user have to manage from there end. We do help in onetime setup at Rs.1200. This includes cPanel installation & security tools. cPanel/WHM will cost extra Rs.1608 monthly on VPS hosting.

  1. Purchase a VPS like buying a PC with only the OS installed.
  2. Best unmanaged VPS solution for your business globally
  3. Quick fix server optimization and time-consuming technical issues

domainore VPS hosting is not more complicated than using a shared hosting service. It lets you take control of your server, so yours prior experience in server will be an asset to VPS hosting.

  1. It's good if you have some basic technical knowledge
  2. Easy to use cPanel and root-level access through your VPS manager
  3. Get 24/7 support from our domainore VPS Experts

All our managed VPS servers are provisioned after we have received your order. User details will be sent to your account within 24 hours of realizing the payment for VPS hosting.

  1. Once successful payment, your VPS is installed on our server
  2. Process may take some hours, VPS details will be notified to you
  3. Your VPS is delivered to you fully optimized, configured and secured

Yes, you can upgrade your cheap VPS hosting packages anytime and just with few simple clicks. Our SSD based cloud VPS packages are super scalable service for your business VPS hosting.

  1. Upgrade or downgrade your existing VPS plan at any time
  2. Grow your best VPS server while your website grows
  3. You can scale on demand depending on your requirements

Yes, you can add additional independent resources to your VPS server. You can contact our sales team requesting to add more ram, storage, bandwidth at any time VPS hosting.

  1. Easily purchase additional resources for your VPS
  2. Arrange extra resources by submiting an eTicket to us
  3. Fully managed scalable VPS hosting with zero downtime guaranteed

Each linux VPS server comes without linux OS installed. We do offer os installation in onetime setup at Rs1200. cPanel/WHM will cost extra Rs1608 monthly for VPS hosting.

  1. It's unmanaged server so user have to manage from there end
  2. Free SSL with cPanel license, and hosting unlimited domain
  3. 1 Dedicated IP and centos, ubunto, Debian and Fedora OS options

If you are a current shared hosting customer from domainore, our team can render the tech support and provide insights to share best practices for your migration to VPS hosting.

  1. Transfer full cPanel backup from shared hosting account to VPS
  2. Restore the backup on the VPS using WHM is required
  3. Finally point your domains to the new VPS server

A dedicated hosting server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. It is recommended for websites with high volume of traffic setup dedicated hosting.

  1. Ideal for larger organizations allows large scale traffic
  2. Resources on the server aren’t shared with other users
  3. Complete admin access including choice of the OS, hardware

In VPS, the actual hardware server is partitioned into numerous isolated environments. Whereas you have sole right to the entire entire server and its resources for a dedicated server.

  1. Gives you full physical server, dedicated to a single client
  2. Provides a larger allocation of resources, compared to VPS hosting
  3. The price is about the same, based on the resources provided

Setting up a new server may involve few days or only some hours of work. The amount of time it takes to setup one largely depends on what you start with server configurations, add-ons for dedicated hosting.

  1. Our team may contact the clients who order dedicated servers from us
  2. Once order is verified, our technicians will proceed setup of the server
  3. Full server configurations will be setup within seven business days

There is better support on every problem or task, emergency or routine for managed hosting. But there is no any routine support for unmanaged server at domainore.

  1. The server setup, OS, cPanel are processed in managed server
  2. There is no support for any install or software in unmanaged server
  3. You can go with initial setup charges for help in unmanaged server

Our all dedicated servers are powered by the multi-core (20 cores / 40 threads) branded Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors, HP ProLiant SSD disks and DDR4 RAM type for dedicated hosting.

  1. Top branded Intel Xenon processors installed
  2. Top branded HP ProLiant Raid 10 SSD disks installed
  3. You can manage customized hardware accordig to your business

Yes, Your server will be backed up in an onsite location or offsite location depending on your requirements. We offer disaster recovery plan to make sure that you will be able to get backup and running if anything happens to your dedicated hosting.

  1. We offer onsite server data backed up dedicated services
  2. We offer offsite server data backed up dedicated services
  3. Our all dedicated backups service are chargable

domainore is directly responsible for your hardware replacement. We offer one hour guaranteed part replacement on all eventual hardware failures in time dedicated hosting.

  1. Our qualified specialists will replace any defective part promptly
  2. We extensively test our hardware for quality check and replace it
  3. domainore servers are monitored 365*24*7 to provide failsafe services

No, there is no such hidden policy. After you request for dedicated server, a legal agreement is done which includes copyright, trademark, trade secret, misappropriation and anti-dilution laws with dedicated hosting.

  1. Flexible yearly contracts and easy cancellation process
  2. domainore services and servers may only be used for lawful purposes
  3. Use of services and servers are provided after advance subscription

Yes, you can upgrade your cheap dedicated hosting packages anytime and just with few simple clicks. Our SSD based cloud dedicated packages are super scalable service for your business dedicated hosting.

  1. Upgrade or downgrade your existing VPS plan at any time
  2. Grow your best dedicated server while your website grows
  3. You can scale on demand depending on your requirements

Yes, you can add additional independent resources to your dedicated server. You can contact our sales team requesting to add more ram, storage, bandwidth at any time dedicate server.

  1. Easily purchase additional resources for your dedicated server
  2. Arrange extra addons by submiting an eTicket to domainore
  3. Fully managed scalable server with zero downtime guaranteed

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